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The version inDOUBLE VINYL EDITION LIMITED 180 gr. COLORED E NUMBEREDof the live record that celebrates theJoe's 30-year career.

The album contains, in addition tomany of Joe Barbieri's greatest hits recorded live3 bonus tracks among whichFuture Retrospective e Maravilhosa Adventure, the already cult piece that Joe wrote for la his "maravilhosa family".

Lp 1
1 Nothing Serious
2 Reminders
3 Weather Forecast
4 Round and Round
5 Pure Amber
6 Light
7 Saturday Milongas
8 You, Me And Tomorrow
9 In Good Hands

Lp 2
1 See Naples And Then Sing
2 Crocodile Tears
3 Excuse me
4 medleys: Cicadas And Chimeras-Ithaca-Cosmonaut From Apartment
5 Normally
6 Ginger And Cinnamon
7 Retrospective Futura - Bonus track
8 Details - Bonus tracks
9 Maravilhosa Adventure - Bonus track

NB - Shipping costs of the vinyl in Italy INCLUDED.


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