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Decorate your home with Joe Barbieri's music!
Available from today three panels in smart-x*, with the reproduction of the original scores of "Normalmente", "Zenzero E Cinnamon" and "Excuse me".

The panels are available in two sizes, 150cm (base) x 60cm (height) x 1cm (depth) and 200x80x1_cc781905-5cde-31583-bb5dcf(quest last, with a surcharge of €20), and are supplied already equipped with hooks for hanging on the wall.

Shipping is FREE and is carried out by express courier WITHIN 12 working DAYS from the order. The panels can be shipped EXCLUSIVELY to Italy. 

* smart-x is a sheet made up of 100% polystyrene, with an expanded core and compact surfaces, and is the latest generation material in the Forex range. It has no additions of other chemical compounds nor glues between the compact surfaces and the core, for this very reason it guarantees very good resistance and a 100% recyclability.


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