10 years of Maison Maravilha.

Aggiornato il: 12 gen 2019

With a live broadcast on the Maravilhosi's facebook group (his fan club, http://maravilhosi.joebarbieri.com) Joe himself has announced the imminent release of a huge celebrative edition of his album "Maison Maravilha" that will turn 10 years of life the next January.

The publication - available since January 30 but already bookable on Joe's official store: http://store.joebarbieri.com - is a superlimited edition on a double CD composed by the studio version of "Maison Maravilha" enriched by one unpublished song ("Niente, Niente, Niente", excluded from the first edition of the album) and by four guitar and voice demos ("Normalmente", "Lacrime Di Coccodrillo", "Malegria" and "Onda Schiva", recorded in 2008 specifically to prepare their future recording in the studio), as well as the entire live album "Maison Maravilha Viva" (released in 2010 and now sold out) with the addition of three tracks never published before.

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