meeting 2019.

Bologna "the erudite" will be the home of the 5th meeting of the "Maravilhosi!", the spontaneous group that gathers the music lovers of Joe Barbieri.
And starting since today it is possible to book your place to partecipate to the meeting that will take place on December 15 starting at 11 a.m.


The appointment, as every year, is dedicated exclusively to members of the Facebook group "Maravilhosi!", So don't waste time and sign up to be able to reserve your place at our long-awaited annual meeting!


photos of the 2018 meeting.

Look at them: how beautiful they are the "Maravilhosi" that lighted up the 4th fan club meeting.
In the photos of Angelo Orefice you can find some of the warm moments of the morning we spent togheter in Milan.

See you next year - on December 15th - in Emilia Romagna, see you in... Bologna!


meeting 2018.

Next December 16th in Milan, starting from 11:00, the large family of Joe Barbieri's fans will encounter for the usual meeting before the end of the year. On that occasion we will also unveil a "birthday" that we are sure will make you happy.

To participate in the 4th meeting of the "Maravilhosi!" just send an entry request to the fan club's facebook page by clicking on this link and then send an e-mail to with the request to participate (every email sent is valid for only one participant).

As usual we will meet in a very intimate place, so participation is limited to the first 50 who will write to us.
All the details will be sent later via email to each participant.


photos of the 2017 meeting.

Here there are the photos of the 3rd meeting of the "Maravilhosi!" (http: //, the fan club that yesterday, after the first two happenings in Naples and Rome, met in Bari.

Thanks to the photos of Angelo Orefice you can perfectly breathe the happy magic that was in the air.

See you next year, on December 16th, this time in... Milan!

meeting 2017.

As many of you already know, the chief town of Puglia will be the place will host the 3rd meeting of the "Maravilhosi!", the spontaneous group that brings together fans of the music of Joe Barbieri.


This year's meeting is scheduled on Sunday, December 17 at 11:00, and starting from now the members of the facebook group "Maravilhosi!" (to which the entrances are exclusively reserved) will be able to request their personal invitation.

See you in Puglia!


photos of the 2016 meeting.

After last year in Naples, it was the turn of Rome to see Joe Barbieri's fan club gathered togheter: a very worthy representative of the "Maravilhosi!" met to hug each other, playing something, wishing togheter, popping, smiling.

Here there are the photos (made by Marco Medaglia) of the wonderful morning we had. Many others, besides of many video contributions, are available in the facebook group of "Maravilhosi!".

Lastly, we announce that it will be Bari next year - to be precise on Sunday December 17th 2017 - to host the third gathering of the fan club.​

meeting 2016.

See you in Rome!
After Naples in the 2015, it will be the italian Capital to host this year the pre-Christmas meeting of the "Maravilhosi!"'s family.

So here's the appointment for Joe Barbieri's fans: Sunday, December 18th at 11:00.

We remind you that the invitations are reserved to the members of the facebook group "Maravilhosi!".

Pack your bags, see you in Rome.


official meeting 2015.

On December 20th, 2015 a representative of the "Maravilhosi!" met in Naples for the first official meeting.
Joe was there, and he played for them.

Take a look at the photos of that unforgettable day.

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All the photos of Joe are by Angelo Orefice