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== NOTE: only recently we found a manufacturing defect of a part of the "Maison Maravilha 10th anniversary" stock, therefore in cd 2 (that is the live "Maison Maravilha Viva") the cd in object_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_jump to one spot. For this reason, not being able to know which copies are affected by this defect and which ones are not, in addition to apologizing for the inconvenience, we have decided to offer "Maison Maravilha 10th anniversary" on our store at the super discounted price of €11.90. ==

Super-limited double CD edition

 edexclusively for this online store, from the cult-album "Maison Maravilha", enriched with its live version"Maison Maravilha Viva"and completed byan unprecedentedand frombonus tracks. 

The disc that made knownJoe Barbierito the world returns on the tenth anniversary of its publication, for the first time enriched by aunedited test ("Nothing, Nothing, Nothing") excluded from the first edition of the album and da four guitar and vocal demos ("Normally", "Crocodile tears", "Malegria" and "Dodging wave") recorded in 2008 specifically to prepare for future studio recording.

To complete the deluxe edition, a second cd, containing the entire live album "Maison Maravilha Viva"(today out of stock and unobtainable) containing three live tracksnever published before.


€17.90 Regular Price
€11.90Sale Price
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